Agosto 3, 2023

Cities and regions: call for submissions for good practices on high-quality architecture and built environment


Share your good practices!

Eurocities and the Architects’ Council of Europe were recently selected by the European Commission to implement a peer-learning programme on high-quality architecture in cities and regions, under the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.

They want to share your best practices throughout Europe and beyond! If you are part of the administration of a town, city, metropolitan area or region in the EU (whatever its size), this is your chance to highlight your work in high-quality architecture and built environment. All you need to do is fill out the following form with a description of a practice in your area.

30 practices will be selected for publication and promotion through the EU-funded peer-learning programme on high quality architecture and the built environment for everyone.

From these selected cities and regions, 12 will get the opportunity to host a peer-learning visit for a delegation of 20 participants funded by the programme.

You will find all the necessary information, explanation and details in the attached Background note.

For more information, please visit