Setembro 27, 2017

Call for proposals to restore Charles Square in Prague.

Call for proposals has been launched to restore Charles Square in Prague. Charles Square is a public space of city-wide importance and one of the pivotal sites in the Prague Heritage Reservation. The square however needs a complete reconstruction. The city has recently announced a procedure with competititon dialogue – a creative process that involves all stakeholders from the very beginning.
The objective of the competitive dialogue is to bring together architects’ teams to produce 1) more detailed assignment, and 2) produce proposals. The winning team signs the contract for the design and documentation of revitalization of the Charles Square.
The independent members of evaluation commitee are the most prominent landscape architects and architects: Almut Jirku, Cornelius Scherzer, Ladislav Lábus, Michal Fišer, Petr Hlaváček.
Submission of applications to participate is due to 12.10.2017.

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